Sunday, October 12, 2008


So, today is October 12th....yes...October! So what is this white stuff doing in my backyard?!

And look at this wasp, thinking he has a right to use my door as a shield from the elements. How dare he!

Meet our firstborn

This is our cat, Gracie. She is fat.

And Evil....

But oh so lovable!

A New Blog, and Bryce Canyon

Ok, so since I have my own blog, but not a blog for Austin and me, I figured that it was time I started a new blog for just the 2 of us. Needless to say our lives are 'pretty boring' right now, but hopefully soon I'll start to have some more interesting things to share. We did to go Bryce Canyon a few months ago, and I've been meaning to put these pictures up but never have. I have no excuses not to put up and take pictures now, thanks to my digital camera (thanks Mom and Dad)!

God's planet is beautiful!

Jon, Austin, and Matt...3 musketeers?

2 wild and crazy guys!

My butterfly friend.

Matt and Jon being crazy Ain't it gorgeous?

I just think this pic is funny.

Our friend, Daisy the Doe.

This picture is small because I look like a fool.